3 Best Home Office Standing Desk

3 Best Home Office Standing Desk

3 Best Home Office Standing Desk

Working from home can be very convenient. You don’t have to worry about beating traffic to get to work on time. In some cases, you can just get out of bed and walk to your desk to start work each day. I know it sounds like working from home can be a great thing because it is so convenient but is it good for your health. 9 times out of 10 if you’re working from home you are sitting at a desk for more than eight hours a day. 

Sitting at your desk for too long can be considered sedentary according to market watch. Being sedentary can lead to a high risk of diabetes and heart disease. If you are working from home your job may require you to sit at your desk all day, but there is some adjustment you can make to make it more healthy. Here are 3 of the best home office standing desk. 

#1. MOJODESK SOLO: Natural Maple

Mojodesk Solo

Mojo Desk Solo Verifications:

The Mojo Desk Solo Stand up desk comes in six different colors. Regardless of the room, you place the Mojo Desk Solo in, this stand-up desk will be a great fit.  The great thing about the Mojo Desk Solo is it’s all-electric whether you want to sit or stand while working from home.

The Mojo Desk Solo desk is adjustable to your ergonomic needs. There are three different sizes to choose from to fit your work-from-home space. Not to mention there is a motion sensor that will stop the stand-up desk from moving if your child or pet decides to dit underneath. 

#2. STANDDESK: Black Adjustable Height Desk

Stand Desk Black Adjustable Height Desk

Stand Desk Adjustable Height Desk Verifications:

The Stand Desk Adjustable Height Desk comes in eight different sizes. You can pick the Stand up desk size that fits the home office you have chosen for your home. The stand-up desk is fully motorized and can do more than one monitor on the top. Although this stand-up desk only comes in one color it will change any home office into a place of work.

When you adjust this stand-up desk the motor runs quietly not to interfere with others during a video conference or in your home. Stand Desk adjustable height Desk comes with a ten-year warranty for the frame and a five-year warranty for the electric motor. 

#3. FLEXSPOT: Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk w/Mouse Pad

Flexispot Gaming Desk

Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk Verifications:

Flex Spot Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk can also be used for a home office. The electric adjustable gaming desk comes in two sizes with three frame colors to choose from. However, unlike other stand-up desks, this one comes with a waterproof surface and a mouse pad. The desktop is adjustable to fit two monitors, a small CPU, and PC accessories.

The Electric Height Adjustable controller is user friendly to operate. However, if you want a more advanced keyboard you can add that as an accessory to your Electric stand-up desk. 


After Reviewing all three stand-up desks for me the winner is the Mojo Desk Solo. Although The Mojo Desk may be a little bit pricey you get more features and colors than the Stand Desk Black Adjustable Height Desk. After you add the features you want for the Stand Desk Black Adjustable you can end up paying more than what you would have spent on the Mojo Desk Solo which has more colors and features.

As for the Flex spot Electric Height Adjustable Gaming desk, I would put it in second place because the price is right and it is a great entry-level stand-up desk. Yes, there is only one color available but if you need a basic stand-up desk you get more bang for your buck. 


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