3 Best Writing Apps for Working From Home


3 Best Writing Apps for Working From Home


Even if you live under a rock, you may have noticed working from home is becoming the norm across the world. Now more attention is focused on how you write, text, and chat versus how you speak. Whether you work remotely for an employer or independently as a freelancer, your tone, grammar, and spelling matters more than ever. If you are looking for a way to improve your writing skills, as the saying goes, “ There’s an app for that.” You want to look for three characteristics when choosing the best writing app for you, Price, Features, and Adaptability. So here are the three best Writing apps for Working From Home.


1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a personal writing assistant. Grammarly checks your grammar, spelling, and punctuation while writing any document or correspondence. Grammarly allows you to quickly check your writing for mistakes before presenting your texts, chats, emails, or documents to your audience. Grammarly is easy to use with a smooth interface. The suggestions help you improve your writing skills over time, so you don’t have to rely on the app. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced writer, Grammarly’s writing assistant will meet your needs. 

  • Price: 
    • Free Version
    • Premium starting at $11.66 per month.
    • Business starting at $12.50 per month. 
    • An annual plan is available.
  • Free and Premium Features may Include:
    • Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation
    • Clarity, Tone, Formality,  and Fluency
    • Language Inclusivity
    • Word choice and Suggestions
    • Plagiarism Checker (Premium Only)
  • Adaptability: 
    • Browser Extensions: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge
    • Windows and Mac OS App (Easy Interface)
    • Microsoft Word and Outlook add-on
    • Google Docs
    • Grammarly Cloud Sync
    • I phone and Android Keyboard.


2. Ginger

Ginger is a writing assistant. Ginger’s writing app checks your grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Ginger supports languages such as US, UK, Canadian, and Australian. Ginger is excellent at making sure your writing adapts to multiple languages. This app is perfect if you are trying to adjust your language to English. Ginger is Cheaper annually if you choose a premium or premium plus plan. Ginger is not as reliable as Grammarly but could become a competitor in the future. 

  • Price:
    • Free Version
    • Premium starting at $29.96 per month
    • Annual plans start at $12.48 per month.
    • Premium 2 years at $6.66 per month
  • Free and Premium Features may Include:
    • Proofreading your text or Document
    • Rephrase your sentences
    • Translate your words in 60 languages
    • Practice your mistakes
  • Adaptability:
    • Windows 
    • Chrome and Safari add-ons
    • Android and I phone keyboards.

Pro Writing Aid

3. Pro Writing Aid 

Pro-writing aid is a proofreading tool and a great Grammarly alternative. The proofreading tool helps your tone adjust to your audience. Pro Writing Aid is more for experienced writers. If you are an Educator, Book or Magazine Author, and or Blogger, Pro Writing Aid is an app you may want to try out. Even though this app can help an author write a book, some users of Pro Writing Aid will use Grammarly as a backup to correct grammar that Pro Writing Aid may have missed. Pro Writing Aid premium plans are annually less expensive than most of its competitors. 

  • Price:
    • Free Version (Limited Features)
    • Premium $60.00 (1 Year)
    • Premium $90.00 (2 Years)
    • Premium $120.00 (3 Years)
    • Premium $210.00 (Lifetime)
  • Free and Premium Features may include:
    • Online editing tool (Free and Premium)
    • Desktop editing tool (Premium Only)
    • Proofreading 
    • Plagiarism Check (Premium Only)
    • Summary Report for writing issues
    • Writing Reports to help improve your writing.
  • Adaptability:
    • Mac and Windows Desktop apps (Complex)
    • Microsoft Word (Windows Only)
    • Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari Browser Extensions
    • Google Docs
    • Open Office ( Mac and Windows)
    • Scrivener ( Mac and Windows)

In conclusion, we have covered the three best Writing Apps for working from home. However, if you are still on the fence on which writing app is for you, here are a few things to consider. Pro-Writing Aid is excellent if you are an experienced writer and your focus is on writing novels, non-fiction, and articles. Ginger is ideal if you are a beginner, and your job or hobby doesn’t rely so much on writing.

Grammarly, however, has the edge on both Pro-Writing Aid and Ginger because it works for both beginners and advances writers. Grammarly user interface is easy to use. Also, Grammarly adapts easily to a lot of work from home applications within your web browser and your mobile phone. In other words, you don’t have to work for Grammarly because Grammarly’s personal assistant works for you. So if you are looking for a Writing app that makes working from home a lot easier, give Grammarly a try today!



2 Responses

  1. Paolo says:

    Thank you for giving us these 3 options. I feel my best choice would be Pro Writing Aid. And as you suggested, I could also use the free version of Grammarly as back up. I was wondering if you have used an app called Hemingway Editor? Do you have an opinion about it? Thank you very much in advance.

    • Moody says:

      Hi Paolo,

      Thank you for your comments on this post. I actually like Pro Writing Aid. It just didn’t integrate with the variety of app that I use on my computer and mobile. As for Hemingway, I may be using this editor soon. I plan to publish an ebook on Amazon, and Hemingway would be perfect for that. 

      However, Grammarly is like the Netflix of writing apps. Granted, Hemingway and Grammarly are drastically different. Therefore, each has its own purpose. I may not rely on Grammarly as much, but I will keep it in my arsenal because it’s always been good to me.

      Best Wishes 



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