3 Top Online Assessment Preparation Services

3 top online assessment preparation services

3 Top Online Assessment Preparation Services


Have you ever wondered why you do so well on the job interview but can’t figure out why you still did not get the job? During the onboarding process, most companies only have a few positions to fill for that particular department. If all the candidates that made it to the interview phase did a great job, the Assessment Test is usually used as the tiebreaker.

Therefore,  the Assessment Test shows that the hiring manager had no bias and the candidate is qualified. Here are the 3 Top Online Assessment Preparation Services Available to help you do better on your next Pre-Employment Assessment.


Job Test Prep

Job Test Prep

Job Test Prep was established in 1992. Job Test Prep has become the Premier online Assessment Preparation Service on the internet. Job Test Prep offers Assessment services in ten different countries. Job Test Prep is a one-stop portal where you can study for any test in any industry. Job Test Prep offers as many as 500 different test packs. Therefore if you don’t know what test you should study for, you can search by company name or industry type.

Since Job Test Prep works with different companies and universities, the test is exactly what you will see when you take your pre-employment test. Job Test Prep is so confident in their assessment preparation services they offer a money-back guarantee.

Job Test Prep features include:

  • 500 Different Test Packs
  • Sample Test
  • Practice Test & Question
  • Study Materials
  • 1 Week to 3-month License
  • Prices: $79.00 to $99.00 US
  • Money-Back Guarantee



Aptitude-test was established in 2012. Aptitude-Test gets great reviews on the internet. If you are applying for an entry-level position, Aptitude-Test is a great place to start. Aptitude-Test offers what is called the Aptitude test, which is given for many entry-level positions. You can purchase the whole aptitude package or choose the section you have difficulty scoring a high score.

The great thing about aptitude-test is when you practice on their exams, if you get something wrong, you will explain why you got it wrong. Since Aptitude-Test Specializes in the Aptitude test, I would give their service a try if you know this test will be given for your pre-employment test.

Aptitude-Test Features include:

  • Over 1700 Test Questions
  • Practice Questions
  • Preparation Software
  • Compatible with All Devices.
  • Training Assistant
  • 6 Month Subscription
  • Prices $15.00 to $29.00




I Prep is a new Online Assessment Preparation Service. I Prep specializes in offering free and paid courses. I prep offers over 100 different basic skill assessment courses. The subscription and price can vary depending on the course you choose. In addition, I Prep offers 24 hours, 7 days a week customer support.

You will find Civil Service, Aptitude, General Education, Clerical Practice testing, and courses. However, the assessment test and course are not identical to the pre-employment test and are pretty close to the actual test and material. In addition, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

I Prep features include:

  • Over 100 Assessment Courses
  • Practice Questions
  • Insightful Explanations
  • Practice Questions
  • Certificate Of Completion
  • Prices Free to $49.95

In Conclusion

I rarely offer my opinion on the reviews I write. I like to give the facts and let the reader make their own choices. However, I think it’s important to offer my opinion on all 3 Online Assessment Preparation Services in this case. Therefore, here are my takeaways on the 3 Top Online Assessment Preparation Services we have covered today to save you some time.

At first glance, iPrep seems to offer more courses than Aptitude-Test. However, when I clicked on the links to each course, some of the links are empty. It’s as if iPrep is still working on building the website. Also, some courses only allow you to study for two days or 24 hours.

I’m not sure if iPrep wants to charge a fee for extra time or what. I know that if I am urgently looking for a job and need to practice for the pre-employment exam, I don’t have time to jump through all these hoops to study for an exam.

Aptitude-Test doesn’t offer as many courses as Job Test Prep. However, Aptitude-Test is very upfront on what it can offer you. I have to say Aptitude-Test may only offer one Aptitude practice test, but it does it well. I would choose Aptitude-Test to study if you are unsure which pre-employment test will be given. I have heard great reviews about Aptitude-Test I wish it offered more courses.

Finally, if you are serious about scoring well on your next pre-employment assessment, Job Test Prep is worth the investment. Job Test Prep offers a comprehensive learning package that’s guaranteed to help you pass any pre-employment assessment. So if you are serious about passing the pre-employment assessment, give Job Test Prep a try today!

3 Top online Assessment Preparation services



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  1. Deepshikha says:

    After reading this article and going through the information given on these sites, I found a few key points.

    JOBTESTPREP offers a wide range of practice tests that are supposed to help with a variety of tests. They are offering Money Back Guarantee also.

    Aptitude-test is offering explained solutions and feedback on performance through the score and progression charts. In addition to this, they have stated that their tests are compatible with all devices.

    On their website, iPrep is claiming that they have selected and put together all the best resources. They have specifically highlighted their mobile-friendly app.

    Please tell me if all the three sites offer these – Money Back Guarantee, Explained Solutions, and all Devices Compatibility?

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