How to Discover Your Niche

How to Discover Your Niche

How to Discover Your Niche


If you are thinking about getting into the Affiliate Marketing game, the first thing you will need to know is how to discover your niche. Finding your niche is essential because you want to market a product or service that shows your interest. I know what your saying, why not sell a product or service that brings you the most money. Well, ask yourself this question have you ever took the time to tell a friend or family member about a product or service that didn’t pique your interest.

I am gathering the majority of you reading this will say no. Therefore, knowing how to discover your niche is the first important step to beginning your journey in Affiliate Marketing. I doubt you would tell a person about a movie or restaurant that you didn’t enjoy yourself. I think you get the point now, so let’s talk about five steps you can take to help you discover your niche.

Lets Talk about five steps to help you Discover Your Niche

Pick A Niche that interests you

The thing about Affiliate marketing is you will be writing content about your niche. It’s easy to write a review about a niche that you are interested in than one you are not. Most people can tell if you are full of S***. So make sure you’re authentic. You want people visiting your blog, and landing page to feel like you are the authority in that niche. If you have no interest in that niche, it will come across in your content and reviews.

Narrow Down Your Niche

For example, I love using Pine-sol to clean my hardwood floors. Well, you would think since I love Pine-sol, that should be my niche. Well, not quite. See Pine-sol is a cleaning product that has been around for years. You can find Pines-sol at the Dollar store as well as Walmart. However, if I can help people find a mop or steam cleaner that can use the Pine-sol to clean their hardwood floors quickly and easily, that’s the way to go. 

Also, not everyone has hardwood floors. However, some people have hardwood floors that are looking to use their favorite cleaning products to clean their hardwood floors quickly and easily. You have hardwood floors, and they have hardwood floors. The common theme is getting the hardwood floors clean quickly and easily. Your niche is not hardwood floors because not everyone has them, but the few that do have the same problem as you cleaning them.

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What is my niche

How can Your Niche help people?

Let’s say your niche is Hardwood floors and how to clean them. What going to be the easiest way for people to clean those hardwood floors. Should the reader of your reviews use a towel to clean their floors? Maybe they should take a mop and clean them? Perhaps your readers have carpet, wood floors, and linoleum in their house. A mop won’t clean the rug, and a towel can clean the flooring, but it will take too long. Maybe there is a wet vac that solves all their problems. Better yet, perhaps there is a wet robotic vacuum cleaner that can clean every surface with Pine-sol when needed. That my friend is your niche!


Check the competition

Do a Google Search on Cleaning Hardwood Floors or whatever your niche may be. Whatever comes up on the first page of the search results is what people need. Also, if your competitors are on the first page of the google results, they can give you an idea of what your niche should be and who you should target in your reviews of the products or services you are promoting.


Choose A Product or Service

Now, you have your niche; you have to choose which products or services that best represent your niche. You can first search google and see which products or services come up early in the search results for your niche to help you know what’s trending. Try to choose products or services that are not going anywhere anytime soon or will get better in the future.

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