How to Drive Traffic To Your Blog Using Keywords



How to Drive Traffic To Your Blog Using Keywords

Like most people who are searching for a product or service on Google, you pick the link to the product or service from the first page results. Very rarely will you search additional pages indexed by Google? What most bloggers don’t understand is one of the ways to get indexed by Google, Bing, or Yahoo is to have the right keywords in your blog post. Now there are many ways to get indexed by search engines, but just like other forms of advertising, you may have to pay for it. However, if you want to get indexed organically on the first page of search results to drive more traffic to your blog, choosing the right keywords can help.

If you are of a certain age, you will remember a term used for brick and mortar businesses ” If you build it, they will come.” Well, because of the internet and Amazon building, it is not sufficient enough to draw visitors to your blog anymore. Therefore doing keyword research before marketing your new product or service is very important. Click here for a demonstration of a search for keywords.


One tool that I wish I had found years ago to do keyword research for my past online businesses is Jaaxy. Jaaxy offers some tools to help get your blog index by search engines highlighted like:

  • Keyword Research:
    • Average: Number of searches per month of that keyword
    • Traffic: How much traffic do you get from keyword
    • QSR: How many websites do you have to compete with using the same keywords
    • KQI: Keyword Quality Indicator
    • SEO: Show how likely you are to become indexed on the first page of search engines.
  • Search Analysis:
    • Allow you to see what other blogger is doing within your same niche.
    • See what metadata description the blog is using.
    • See what keywords the website is using to be indexed.
  • Affiliate Programs:
    • Find affiliate programs to help promote your blog.
    • Find other niches that can help you earn an income.
    • Discover how much commission you can earn promoting that niche.
    • Discover what Affiliate Networks you should join to help promote your niche.

I forgot to mention you can sign up for Jaaxy for free. So let’s take the guessing game out of what search engines are looking for and get started by trying Jaaxy today!

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