Become A Certified Data Analyst


Become A Certified Data Analyst

Become A Certified Data Analyst

Have you ever wondered how your employer knows how to offer a new service or product to its consumers? More companies are using data to help them make decisions on how to run their business. 

This data allows companies to assess what is working for their customers and what is not working. Although there is software, hardware, and cloud computing software to evaluate this data, it’s still hard to interpret.

Therefore, more companies hire Data Analysts to interpret this consumer data to make science-driven business decisions.

Many industries that rely on consumers to make their business profitable have or need Data Analysts. Here is how you can Become A Certified Data Analyst. 

What is A Data Analysis?

According to Wikipedia Data Analysis, a Data Analyst will inspect data to discover useful information and produce conclusions based on that data to support an organization’s decision-making. 

Data Analysis is when a Data Analyst will collect data and interpret the data to conclude the information in laymen’s terms. An organization will then make business decisions based on your findings.

What does Being A Data Analyst Involve?

Many industries need Data Analysts. These industries can vary from Finance, Health Care, Communications, Government, and Consumer Products to names a few. 

Let’s say you just got a job as a Data Analyst for a medical center. The medical center Director has noticed that when patients call in to schedule appointments, the hold time is so long the patients hang up. 

The Director realizes that the medical center needs to hire more schedulers but needs to justify it to the medical center board of directors on why the hospital needs to spend the money to hire more people.

Your job will be to gather the current year and previous years of inbound call data. Find out what times of the day are the busiest. How long each scheduler is on a call. Finally, based on the data you have gathered, the Medical Director can justify how many new schedulers are needed to resolve the issue. 

Do Data Analysts get paid well?

Data Analysts do get paid pretty well. However, the salary can vary depending on the industry. For example, an entry-level Data Analyst can make $43,000 a year to start in the health care field. 

Were as in the field of finance, your starting salary can be around $60,000 a year. However, the Consumer Product field around $70,000 a year. According to Glassdoor, the average salary is $64,776 a year. 

How can I become A Data Analyst?

I would say if you already have experience in the industry, it’s a plus. Understand the basics of the industry will be a plus, especially for an entry-level position. Once you have been a Data Analyst for a few years, you can take that experience to other industries.

You can go to college and get a degree in business. However, now because of advances in technology, Data Analysts are in high demand. You can get a certificate as a Data Analyst, and companies will hire you. You can get your certification from the comforts of your home through an online university or an online course provider. 

In Conclusion

Data Analysts are in such demand right now because there is now proven technology to gather consumer data. Companies and small businesses can now make data-driven decisions and not solely from their gut. 

However, the hardware and cloud software has not gotten do advance to interpret the data just yet. Furthermore, companies and small businesses need Data Analysts to analyze the data for them. 

So if you want to Become A Certified Data Analyst, I suggest you get certified with Edx Today!

Become A Certified Data Analyst


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  1. James says:

    Data analyst seems to be a promising career as we are in the era of AI. I have used excel sheets to analyze basic data for basic stuff. A professional analyst must do much more than these simple things. With that, decision-makers must be able to make more accurate decisions. Thank you for providing the interesting article.  

    • Moody says:

      Hi James,

      Thank you for your comments on my article. I am happy to hear you got the point of my article. You are absolutely right. We are in the era of AI. Because of this, we have to learn new skills to stay competitive in this new era. If you or anyone else is interested to see more content like this, please feel free to revisit my blog and sign up for the Moody Work newsletter. 

      Best Wishes


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