Become A Customer Relationship Manager


Become A Customer Relationship Manager

Become A Customer Relationship Manager

Have you ever worked for a company that has policies and procedures that affect its customers negatively? As an employee, you may have felt like if you had your way, you would give the customer what they want, but your hands are tied.

Since customers can now complain via social media, companies are taking a more complex look at their customers’ policies and procedures. 

Therefore more companies, regardless of the industry, are hiring Customer Relationship Managers to advocate for their customers. Let us discuss how you can Become A Customer Relationship Manager. 

What is a Customer Relationship Manager?

A Customer Relationship Manager’s job is to ensure that a company or business can retain its customers and attract the customers they don’t. The job title can vary from Customer Success Manager, Customer Advocate Manager, Customer Experience Manager, etc. Regardless of the job title, your purpose remains the same. Keep your loyal customers happy.

What Does being A Customer Relationship Manager involve?

In a nutshell, a Customer Relationship Manager’s purpose is to advocate for the customer and keep your employer happy. Being a Customer Relationship Manager is truly a balancing act. You will advocate for the customer and make changes need to keep your customers loyal by analyzing data.

Let’s say you are a Customer Relationship Manager for a bank and you notice that customers are always complaining about the bank closing at 5 pm. The bank is now thinking about staying open until 5:30 pm but needs to know if it will make a difference to their bottom line.

Your job as The Customer Relationship Manager is to research if closing a 5 pm negatively impacts the Bank’s most loyal customers. Will staying open thirty minutes later make your customers more loyal and attract new customers to your bank. It’s your job to analyze the data and produce proof that the change is needed. 

Do Customer Relationship Managers get paid well?

Customer Relationship Managers do get paid pretty well. However, the start salary can vary depending on the industry. For example, an entry-level Customer Relationship Manager in a call center can make 39,000 a year to start.

In comparison, A Customer Relationship Manager for a sales position can start at $59,000 a year. According to, you can make upwards of 66,000 a year on average if you are an experienced Customer Relationship Manager according to

How can I become A Customer Relationship Manager?

First, make sure you have a lot of customer service experience. It will help if you have management experience as well. You could go to college and get a business or marketing degree. However, these days just having a certificate in Customer Relationship Management will suffice. You can get certified through an online university or an online course provider.

In Conclusion

As I mentioned earlier, a lot of companies are looking for Customer Relationship Managers. Social media like Facebook and Twitter makes it easy for existing customers to complain when customer service is lacking. 

If the loyal customers are unhappy, then how can a company attract new customers. Cloud CRM software like salesforce helps analyze the customer’s data, but it can’t tell a company how to make a customer happy. 

You need a human being to understand where another human being is coming from! Therefore, If you enjoy customer service and want to make it better, get certified as a Customer Relationship Manager with Edx today.

Become A Customer Relationship Manager


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  1. ghoshrobin says:

    Companies need someone on staff who is passionate about serving customers, willing to advocate for them, and making decisions that affect customers directly. Unfortunately most Customer Relationship Managers are not trained or gone through a structured course. They are hired based on experience. What you are offering today will definitely fill a gap that is lacking in the market place. An online course that can be done anytime and anywhere is a bonus. 

    The information you provided is concise and answered all the relevant questions. 

    Thank you.


    • Moody says:

      Hi Robin,

      Thank you for your comments on this post. I offer a lot of information on training and testing, and earning income while working from home. Therefore feel free to revisit my blog and sign up for the Moody Work newsletter. 

      Best Wishes


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