Best Way to Increase Traffic To Your Blog

Best Way to Increase Traffic To Your Blog

Best Way to Increase Traffic To Your Blog

Most people start a blog because they may have a hobby or a niche that they wish to share. When I started my blog, it was all about having the opportunity to share what I cared about with the world. However, there came the time when I wanted to make my blog more profitable. So I took some Affiliate Marketing courses, and I learned so much. I learned how to add affiliate links to my site and how to promote on social media. I did all the traditional social media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, etc. 

However, I still was not getting the traffic I needed to my site to make my blog more profitable. Then I discovered that making your blog profitable can take some time. But, I have to tell you that I gained more traffic and sales once I thought out of the box. The rest is history. Furthermore, while you are waiting for your social media presence to pick up, let’s look at the Best Way To Increase Traffic To Your Blog.  

What is the best way to increase traffic to your blog?

There are many ways to promote your blog and drive traffic to your blog. However, the traditional methods of bringing traffic to your blog can take time. Not all of us will get a million views on YouTube right away. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik-Tok, and Pinterest are now saturated. Therefore, you have to think out of the box when starting a blog until you make it on these major platforms.

Just like starting a new business, you have to look at your budget and decide what will be the best way to promote your blog. Remember, if you build it, they will not come. Google will not bring traffic to your blog right away. So you will need to take some matters into your hands. Let us discuss the best way to increase traffic to your blog in the meantime!


Quora is a question-and-answer site. Quora can be handy, especially if you want to appear on the first page of the Google Search results. If you have not used Quora before, it is a community of people who have questions and get their answers online. A good rule of thumb is to join Quora and build a profile. Then choose spaces or groups you would be interested in joining. Next, you can contribute answers to questions people may have. 

For Example, if your blog is about audiobooks, join a group about books. You can enter as many groups as you want on Quora. The key is to provide as many answers to questions as possible. You also can ask questions. Finally, show the Quora community that you are participating and not just posting links from your blog to get a sale. For every 2-3 questions you answer, you can give a link from your blog to help answer a question. 



Wiki How is more of a how-to website that’s been around since 2005. Just like you can find how-to YouTube videos that show people How To cook, do makeup, do Hair, and install a hard drive, the list goes on and on. The only difference is that you will build a PowerPoint to post to Wiki- How regarding your blog article. For example, let’s say your blog post is about beauty products. You can then make a PowerPoint summarizing your post. 

You can then go a step further, repurpose that content, and post that PowerPoint to Wikihow. I want to mention that you always want to show your contribution to Wikihow. So I would post a PowerPoint every time you promote your latest post on social media. When I say summarizing, the PowerPoint is a way to give some highlights about your post to intrigue the reader to want more information. 

You will eventually get asked questions about the PowerPoint you posted to wikiHow. Like, ” Can Oatmeal Soap clear my skin naturally?” Then your response is, ” Not all Oatmeal soaps are created equal, so here is some more information on what to look for when purchasing oatmeal soap for your skin!” Next, you add your link to the reader’s question in your reply. If everything goes well, the reader on Wikihow will click on the link in response to their question. Finally, the reader will click on the affiliate link to the oatmeal soaps you recommend in your article and make a purchase.



Reddit is like an online community where you can join any community that shares your interest, hobbies, and passions. If you are of a certain age and remember when the internet became mainstream, Reddit is like what online forums used to be but on steroids. You will get to have honest discussions on just about any topic.

When you first sign up for Reddit, which is unrestricted, you will set up your profile and choose the communities you would be interested in joining.  Also, if you would like, you can set up your community. For example, if your interest is Affiliate Marketing, you can join groups about Affiliate Marketing and eventually set up your community. 

Now, if you are wondering, how can I use Reddit to help drive traffic to my blog? I would first get to know Reddit and get used to the community you join. Learn from the members who have been on Reddit for a while. Participate by commenting on posts and contributing to topics. Eventually, you will become an authority. Reddit frowns on spam, meaning you don’t want to start posting links from your blog post. Instead, offer free information, no strings attached. 

The more you show to the Reddit community you contribute, you will get upvotes. These Upvotes will move your content to the first page of the Reddit site. The great thing about being on the first page of the Reddit page is it makes you look like you are the authority on the topic. I know you must be thinking Reddit seems way too technical. However, all the free traffic you will generate once you truly get involved in the community is well worth it! 

In Conclusion

I hope you learned a few tips and tricks on the Best way to drive traffic to your blog. Full transparency I was having problems driving traffic to my blog. I already knew how to make a conversion and get a sale. But unfortunately, I was not getting enough traffic to make my blog profitable. So I did some research online, and I came across a learning website called Skillshare. 

What’s so great about Skillshare is that you can learn from professionals in the game right now. These professionals can teach you about various hobbies, passions, and skills. For example, maybe you are interested in ways to drive more traffic to your blog, improve your social media presence, get more YouTube followers, or perhaps you want to become a better cook. If you’re going to improve any skills, Skillshare is the way to go.

So if you are interested in learning from professionals who are currently thriving in whatever side hustle you are doing right now, I would give Skillshare a try today! 


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