Different Types of Employment Test

Different Types of Employment Test

Different Types of Employment Test

There are three basic things you need to get a job. First, you need to apply by filling out the application. Second, you have to submit a resume with possibly a cover letter. Third, you go into the interview and if everything goes well you get the job. Well getting a job isn’t as simple anymore. 

Whether you are applying for a job at Walmart or American Express more employers are beginning to require all new hires to take a pre-employment test. These pre-employment tests are not only given to see if you have the skills to do the job but also to decide whether or not you fit in with the company. Here are some Different Types of Employment Tests you should get prepared for to get the job you want.

Kenexa Prove it Assessments

Different Types of Employment Test


Kenexa is an Assessment test that many employers use as a pre-employment test. In fact, I have taken one form or another Kenexa test a few times when I was applying for a job. The test is fairly easy because it is tailored to the job requirements and the experience you should have to apply for that job. 

Many industries use Kenexa Prove it assessments because it offers a wide range of different tests to choose from. These assessments can range from the following options:

  • Behavioral & Personality Test
  • Microsoft office 
  • Typing & Data Entry 
  • Math & Accounting 
  • Logic, Numeric, Verbal Reasoning Test

Wonderlic Basic Skills Test

Different Types of Employment Test

Wonderlic Basic Skill Test is a pre-employment test that is used by schools, private businesses, and government agencies. The Wonderlic Basic Skills Test assesses your basic language and math skills. Wonderlic assessment is usually used for entry-level positions. The companies that give this test as a pre-employment assessment can range from Subway to Dish Network. 

Since Wonderlic is considered to be a basic assessment test you are really only evaluated by the skills you should have gained in high school or post-secondary education. The type of Wonderlic test you may be given can range from the following:

  • Verbal & Quantitative
  • Cognitive Ability 
  • Motivational Assessment
  • Personality Test 

Practice Aptitude Test

Different Types of Employment Test


Some companies use a pre-employment aptitude test to gauge potential employees fit for the job. This test is given to see how your mind works. The companies that give this test can range from Apple to Amazon. The Aptitude test can show your potential employer you’re Cognitive, Attitude, Personality, and Knowledge abilities. 

There are a few Aptitude Tests you may be given depending on the company. The type of Aptitude test can range from the following: 

  • Numeric Reasoning
  • Verbal & Cognitive Reasoning
  • Diagrammatic Reasoning 
  • Situational Judgement 
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Personality Test


In conclusion, we have only covered three of the most common Different Types of Employment Test. I have to tell you there are many other employment tests out there. I came across these three when I got laid off from a job in 2018. I was lucky to find an Online Assessment preparation service called Job Test Prep. 

Job Test Prep had the assessment preparation test I needed to get the job I wanted and I’m sure they can help you get the job you want. If you are in the job market and want to be prepared for the Different Types of Employment Test companies are giving now, I would suggest you check out Job Test Prep Today!

Different Type of Pre-Employment Test

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