What Not to Do In The Job Interview

What not to do in the Job Interview


Looking for a job can be a job within itself. You may have to go through dozens of job postings on the internet to find a postion that fits you. Once you find a postion that suits you, you will have to submit your resume and fill out the application. Some employers will require you to take a test to see if you are qualified for the postion.

If you are picked as a potential candidate, you will get an email or a call requesting you come in for a job interview. Unfortunately, like so many, you go to the job interview and think you did an excellent job, but you don’t get the job offer and can’t figure out why. Here are some tips on what not to do in a job interview.

Do not be late

Being on time is very important in a job interview. It is best to be at the job interview at least 20 minutes before your interview starts. If you are interviewing in person, you are serious about the interview and will be about the job. Also, there may be some additional things you have to do before meeting the interviewer, like taking a test or filling out an application. 

If you’re interviewing from home for a work-from-home position, I will take 10 minutes to ensure your computer, headset, webcam, and cell phone are in working condition before the interview. You do not want the interviewer to have the impression that you don’t know how to use your equipment, especially in a work-from-home position, because it may make you look like you can not work alone. 

Do not avoid eye contact.

If you’re interviewing for a work-from-home job, most likely, you won’t have to see your interviewer face to face. However, if the work-from-home job is with a local business, the employer may require you to interview in person.

Also, some work-from-home positions may require you to talk via a webcam. Therefore you must look your interviewer in the eye from the beginning to the end of the interview. Avoiding eye contact with the interviewer can make you look untrustworthy.

Do not overtalk the interviewer.

Don’t get too comfortable with the interviewer that you start dominating the interview. You want the interviewer to feel they are in control of the meeting. You also want to show that you are humble. Try to stick to answering the questions you are asked. If you are unsure if you answered a question correctly, ask the interviewer, ” I hope I answered your question correctly?”

If you want to share more about yourself with the interviewer to ensure you’re offered the postion try to wait towards the end of the interview. Make sure any embellishments about yourself are tailored to the company and postion you are applying for. 

Do not speak poorly about your former employer.

I know it is essential to be truthful with the company you are looking to work for, and it’s commendable. However, speaking poorly about your former employer rarely goes well. The thing is, the company you are applying for maybe even worst.

You are taking just as much of a chance on the company you are interviewing with as the interviewer is taking hiring you. Before the interview, my advice comes up with a definite reason why you are looking for employment. Focus on anything that will improve yourself and add value to the company.

Do not forget to show gratitude.

In addition to keeping eye contact, as I mentioned earlier, giving the interviewer a firm handshake at the beginning and the end of the interview will show you are very thankful for getting this opportunity. After the interview, following up with the interviewer could help you get the job. Before social media, the old way to follow up after the meeting was to send a thank you card to the interviewer.

A good rule of thumb is to follow up immediately after the conversation with a thank you note, either by mail, email, text, or phone call. Whichever way you choose to follow up after the meeting, make sure you follow up. This final step can give the interviewer the push they need to hire you!

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