How To Become A Certified Coder


How To Become A Certified Coder

How To Become A Certified Coder

Coding jobs are the hardest to fill in the US because most people don’t know how to code. It’s so hard for companies in the US to find coders they have to outsource the coding work to countries like India, Hungry, and now even Mexico, to name a few. 

Coding jobs pay very well, but for some reason, people in the US don’t have the appetite for learning how to code. Although other countries have the workforce to help the US fill these coding jobs, it’s not enough to fill the many positions available. Let us discuss How To become A Certified Coder. 

So What is Coding?

Well, In layman’s terms, coding is the act of the coder writing language that instructs how a website, app, software, and devices are supposed to look, act, and function for the user. Think of coding as learning many different languages so a software program or device can understand what you want it to do in their language. 

What Type of Languages do I need to learn to code?

There are many different languages you will need to learn how to write to code. However, there are just a few of them that are in demand right now. The most popular languages to speak in this world are English, Spanish, Mandarin, French, and Italian. When it comes to coding, the most popular languages to learn how to write are CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and Swift, to name a few. 

Why Is Learning How to Code so important?

Most manufacturing companies are slowly but surely replacing their workforce with robots, if you haven’t noticed. You can now go to a Mcdonald’s and process your order through a kiosk. At Walmart, you can checkout without a checker. 

Amazon is building grocery stores where you grab a basket and shop for your items and leave without ever interacting with any store employees. Uber is already getting federal approval for self-flying cars. 

Therefore the need for these companies to hire real peoples is becoming non-existent. Moreover, to stay relevant to these companies, if you know how to write the code for the robots, cash register, and or self-flying car, you will still be employable.

How can I Become A Certified Coder?

Coders are in such demand that you don’t need a degree in coding to get a job. Some startups will hire you if you are self-taught and can prove to them you understand how to code.

 Now not all of us are fortunate enough to learn how to code on our own. For this reason, there are online courses you can take. Most online course providers will provide a certificate of completion that you can use when applying for a coding job. 

What Type of Coding Jobs are out there?

There are many different types of coding jobs available. According to the Skills Crush website, the most popular ones are Web Developer, Front End Developer, Full Stack Developer, and App Developer, to name a few. It would help if you did your research on each position to know what certificate you need to get that particular job. 

In Conclusion

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it has shown us that we can no longer rely on our everyday jobs to keep us employed. To stay afloat financially, you have to be willing to think out of the box. We all have to be willing to try something new.

My advice to anyone reading this, learn a skill that is recession and pandemic proof. Add an extra tool to your toolbox that will make you not only valuable to an employer but adaptable to change. Make that change and Learn how to become a certified coder with EDX Today!  

How to become a certified coder


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    coding is a very important aspect of creating a website and it is very helpful.a lot of course dont offer this and this is why i find it so difficult to learn you think there is german language for learning coding or is it just restricted to english speaking countries,Spanish alone

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