How To Write Affiliate Marketing Content


How To Write Affiliate Marketing Content


How To Write Affiliate Marketing Content

If you have decided to go down the Affiliate Marketing rabbit hole and become an Affiliate Marketer, be prepared to write a lot of content. Remember, as an Affiliate Marketer, your job is to create content for niche products or services so the reader of your post will click on an affiliate link and purchase the product.

If you are not a good writer and hated English in high school, don’t panic. Writing Affiliate Marketing content can be pretty simple if you follow some basic rules. So here is How to Write Affiliate Marketing Content.

Make sure you have a great title.

Just like you learned in high school, your title tells your reader about your post or article. However, unlike high school English, if your title is too long or short, it may deter some people from reading your post. For example, if the niche product I’m promoting on my blog or website is vacuum cleaners.  My first post may be called “ Best Vacuum cleaners on a budget.”

Choose the correct font size for your title and subtitle

Whether you are using Microsoft Word or Google Docs to write your post’s rough draft, both have a particular font and size for the title and subtitles in your post. These are called Heading Tags. It would help if you used H1 tags for your Title and H2 tags for your subheadings.

Using the H1 and H2 tags is very important because it makes it easy for the reader to read your content. Most importantly, if your post on “Best Vacuum Cleaners On A Budget” is hard to read, Google may not index your post. If your post is not index on google, then someone doing a Google Search on Vacuum cleaners will not find your content.

How do I make good subtitles?

When writing the first draft of your blog post, a good rule of thumb is to write out your title and subtitles first. After you have prepared your title and subtitles, you can write your introduction for the title and body for your subtitles.

An excellent place to start when it comes to creating subtitles is using who, what, where, why, and how. Since the title of your post is “Best Vacuum Cleaners on A budget,” your first subtitle could be “What are vacuum cleaners?”

Your following subtitles could be “Who uses vacuum cleaners,” “Where can I buy a Budget-friendly Vacuum Cleaner” Why should I buy this budget-friendly Vacuum Cleaner. How does this vacuum work?”

Just like you write your introduction after the title, you will write content that responds to each subtitle. If you are writing a review for multiple products, repeat the same subtitles for each product.

Write an attention-grabbing introduction.

I know you have heard of writing an attention-grabbing title. Well, writing an attention-grabbing introduction is also essential. See, writing your introduction is your chance to have a conversation with the reader. Having this initial conversation with the reader proves you are the authority on this niche, and it would be well worth it if they read your whole post.

Since your blog post is about budget-friendly vacuum cleaners, you can tell the reader your experience with vacuums. I would share with the reader how hard it was to find an excellent budget-friendly vacuum cleaner and so on. The reader must be able to relate to you.

Do I need to write a conclusion?

The answer is yes and no. Suppose you are writing about multiple products or services in one post, and there’s one product or service that is better than the other. In that case, a conclusion will seal the deal, especially if you are only getting a commission for one of the products or services.

Think of it this way if you ever went to buy a car, the salesperson will show you a few different vehicles but will want you to buy one of the cars over the other. The salesperson will need to sum up all the information they have given you and convince you to purchase.

In a nutshell, that is your conclusion. However, if you are promoting multiple products or services and getting a commission on each, you may not need a decision. I would say to ensure a sale always have an ending conclusion.

Is good grammar and spelling essential?

Yes, good grammar and spelling are essential. Ensuring you have good spelling and grammar in your post shows that you are professional and know what you are doing. When you post your review to your website, google and bing will attempt to index your post in their search engine.

If your spelling and grammar are bad, it makes it hard for Google to index your site. If Google can’t index your site, your readers won’t find your post. This means you will not get traffic to your site.

In Conclusion

I have to admit I was not the best blogger. In the beginning, some of my posts did not make much sense at all. However, with practice and training, my writing has gotten much better. If you are like me, I needed more training on how to write. I came across a site called Wealthy Affiliate that connected all the dots. If you want to write on your website or blog more effectively, I suggest you give Wealthy Affiliate a try today!

How to Write Affiliate Marketing Content




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2 Responses

  1. Ashley says:

    Wow another great post filled with some very useful content. First of all, I learned something! I never put two and two together that the headings tags were also used on Microsoft word and Google docs. I always thought that was just a WordPress thing. Learn something new everyday I guess. Also, if you really were not a good writer before, I could never tell now. Wealthy affiliate must be a great program if it has taught you how to write great content like this article. Thank you for refresher in how to write a perfect blog post.

    • Moody says:

      Hi Ashley,

      Again I want to thank you for your comments on my post. I had no idea what these header tags were until I started to train with Wealthy Affiliate. I was a big Microsoft Office and Google docs user prior and would see these heading tags as an option and avoided them like the plague until Wealthy Affiliate. 

      When I started Moody Work, I wanted to make sure that any content I produce is authentically me. I like to make sure that my readers feel like they are having a personal conversation with me face to face with no pretext. Once my first draft is written, I then worry about the grammar. After reading the final draft, I then post it to my blog. 

      I am happy that I could refresh you on some writing skills I have learned along the way! 

      Best Wishes


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