Predictive Index Pre Employment Exam


Predictive Index Pre Employment Exam

Predictive Index Pre Employment Exam

Have you ever had a job where each day is an adventure? Change can seem to be constant, and you realize you learn something new each day. The job can be so stressful sometimes you have a moment where you say to yourself, “I’m too old for this s*** .” Well, because you are good with dealing with change, that why you got hired. 

Most employers want to know in advance before hiring if you are most likely to stay with the company when things go wrong or quit without reason. 

More Employers now require new candidates to take the Predictive Index Pre Employment Exam to assess their adaptability to change. If you never heard about the Predictive Index Pre Employment Exam, here is what you need to know! 

What is the Predictive Index Pre Employment Exam

According to, The Predictive Index Pre Employment exam is a cognitive test given to predict your job performance in certain situations. The exam also evaluates your mental capacity for critical thinking. The Predictive Index Exam is more precise in predicting a candidate’s success in the job than a formal job interview. 

What does the Predictive Index Pre Employment Exam Include?

The Predictive Index Pre Employment Exam includes 50 questions. The questions fall into three categories like Numeric Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Abstract Reasoning. You will only have 12 minutes to complete the exam. There are three subcategories for each category, as seen below. 

How can I pass the Predictive Index Pre-Employment Exam?

One thing to remember is that this is not an IQ test. The purpose of the Predictive Index Pre Employment Exam is so the employer can gauge your adaptability and problem-solving skills. 

Since you only have 12 minutes to answer 50 questions making time to practice taking the Predictive index practice test is critical until you can answer more questions accurately. Remember, only the candidates with the highest scores will get the job. 

In Conclusion

Full disclosure I have taken the Predictive Index Pre Employment Exam a few times in my early employment years. I failed the exam each time. I was younger and didn’t know any better. I thought years ago that this exam was an IQ test to gauge my intelligence. So I just gave up and figured I just wasn’t smart enough. 

If I had known at the time, the Predictive Index Pre Employment test was to see my adaptability to change and problem-solving skills; I would have taken the time to study. Now that I’m older, I know better. So I was hoping you wouldn’t make the same mistake as I did by not preparing. Get prepared for the Predictive Index Pre-Employment Exam by practicing with Job Test Prep Today! 

Predictive index pre employment exam


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    This is quite an informative post. I however have past my employment days but this post will really assist my daughter who just got out of college and is currently applying for employment. I am definately going to get her to read this article and follow your tips. I also mistook these tests for an IQ test and my daughter thought the same. This article will really help her approach these tests differently. Thank you for this great post



    • Moody says:

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