Top 3 Resume Writing Services

Top 3 Resume Writing Services

Top 3 Resume Writing Services

Looking for a work-from-home job can be challenging. Filling out an application is no longer enough to be considered for a position. You must have a resume and cover letter to be considered for most work-from-home positions. It is possible to make your resume and cover letter to apply for a job. However, if your resume does not have the right keywords, an employer may disregard your application. So if you are in the job market and have noticed you are not getting many calls for interviews, you may want to consider getting a professional resume writing service to fine-tune your resume. Here are the Top 3 Resume Writing Services you might want to consider.

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1. Careers Booster

Careers Boosters is a well-known resume writing service that has been around since 2014. Career Booster gets excellent reviews online from people who have used their service. The way Career Boosters works are to forward a copy of your current resume, fill out a questionnaire, and, based on that resume. Then, a professional resume writer will provide you with an elegant resume and cover letter for the positions you are applying for. The great thing is if you don’t already have a resume to submit, Career Booster will use the questionnaire you fill out to make your resume and cover letter. 

Careers Boosters offers six categories of resumes. It’s your job to pick the right type of resume and cover letter that fits your job search. The cost will vary depending on which category you choose. The turnaround time for getting your new resume and cover letter is around five days. However, you can get your resume and cover letter as quickly as 24 hours if you are willing to pay extra. Note package prices are subject to change due to discounts or country. Visit Careers Booster’s website for current prices. 

Resume Categories:

  • Entry Level starts at $179 US 
  • Professional starting at $209 US
  • Career Change starts at $225 US
  • Executive starting at $255 US
  • Military starts at $209 US
  • Federal starting at $225 US

Resume & Cover letter Packages Include:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Unlimited Resume Revisions
  • Contact your Professional Resume Writer

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2. Resumes Planet

Resumes Planet is another well-known online resume writing service. Resumes Planet has been around since 2008 and is one of the best resume writing services in the industry. The way Resumes Planet works is very similar to Career Boosters. First, you pick the resume package you need. Then you submit a current resume if you have one. Next, fill out a questionnaire regarding your employment history, education, and career goals. Based on the information you provide, you will get a resume and cover letter to use for your job search. All Resumes Planet resume writers are CPRW certified in Resume Writing.  

You should receive your new resume and cover letter within five days. However, if you need your resume and cover letter quicker, make sure to choose your required time frame when purchasing your resume package. Resume Planet offers a 30-day guarantee, which states if you don’t get at least one interview within 30 days there, a CPRW-certified writer will revise your resume free of charge. Note package prices are subject to change due to discounts or country. Visit the Resume Planets website for current prices. 

Resume Categories:

  • Entry Level starts at $158 US
  • Professional starting at $198 US
  • Executive starting at $248 US
  • Military starts at $192 US
  • Federal starting at $218 US
  • Career Change starting at $222

Resume & Cover letter Packages include:

  • Applicant Tracking System-friendly Resume
  • Original Cover Letter
  • 24/7 Customer Service Support
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Direct Contact with your Resume Writer

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3. Find My Profession

Find My Profession is a US-based career service that’s been around since 2015. Find My Profession is a one-stop-shop for finding a job. They offer resume writing services, Career Finder, and Career Coaching. However, for this review, I will cover their Resume and Cover letter Services. You can click on the Find My Profession link for more information on their other services. Although, Career Booster and Resumes Planet have great reviews that average around 3.5 out of 5 stars. Find My Profession generally gets 4.9 out of 5 stars for its service. Find my Profession has a pretty extensive way to ensure you have the right resume and cover letter for your career search.

First, you will purchase your resume and cover letter package. Then you will get an email requesting you send your current resume and other documentation you feel will help your professional resume writer produce a resume and cover letter that works for you. Next, you will schedule a phone consultation to talk about your career history and what you are looking for in your next career. Within 3-5 days of your phone consultation, you will receive a copy of your new resume and cover letter. With Find My Profession, the Professional Resume Writer you get is certified and has experience in your career with Find My Profession. Therefore they have industry-specific knowledge, which can help you get the job you want. 

Resume Categories:

  • C-Level Resume & Cover letter $1095
  • Executive Resume & Cover letter $895
  • Professional Resume & Cover letter $695
  • Entry Level Resume & Cover letter $495
  • Federal Resume & Cover letter $895

Resume & Cover letter Packages include:

  • Variety of Resume designs 
  • Applicant Tracking System Resume Compatible
  • 6-second test optimized
  • Word and PDF versions
  • Customizable Cover letter
  • 1-week unlimited revisions
  • 60-day Interview Guarantee

After reviewing the 3 Top Resume Writing Services, I can not choose the best resume writing service based on my review. Each service has something different to offer. The resume and Cover letter packages do not negatively position any of the services I reviewed. Each resume writing service offers its specialty and does it well. The price of each service could be a defining factor. However, I would say choose the Resume Writing Service that meets your needs. 

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2 Responses

  1. MIchel says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize that there were services now that write your resume for you and thank you for these three recommendations. I was shocked to read how expensive it is to do, but I guess people want professional-looking resumes so that they don’t get overlooked for a job.

    I remember when I was young they taught us in college how to write our own, and then we just got let loose on the job market. We all seemed to find jobs easily than with our homemade resumes. I have not had to think about this for years as have been running my own business for the last twenty years, but who knows when the time may come that you need one done in a hurry.

    • Moody says:

      Hello Michel,

      Thank you for commenting on my post. I had no idea about these resume services either, as I always prepared my own resumes. What happened was I got laid off back in the great recession. I couldn’t find work for a couple of years because the economy was in such bad shape. When the economy got better, I went to a local career center that told me about some of these online services to prepare a good resume.

      Luckily for me, I had the patience to go to the library and teach myself how to make a good resume. However, most people these days don’t have the time to do that, and with the pandemic, people are careful where they go. So I did some research online and discovered additional resume services that will prepare your resume online instantly without you having to leave your home. 

      Best Wishes


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