Unique Work From Home Jobs

Unique Work From Home Jobs

  • AIRA
  • Aira Agent
    • Aira is hiring agents to assist with there customers who are visually impaired or blind by acting as there eyes to travel, shop, etc. Aira is very picky about who the hire so because you have to have a lot of patience with people and be caring and responsive on every call you take or request from there app. I suggest you research the company and what the do extensively before applying. The starting pay for this position is $15.00 to $16.00 an hour. Also, the equipment you need to do your job is provided. If you have great attention to detail and patience you strongly suggested applying.


  • Premier Customer Champion (North American Support)
    • Zapier is hiring for Premier Customer Champions to help their customers who are small business owners via emails or chat help with finding ways to save time and money using there existing apps to run there business. Pay is very competitive and hires remote first. The pay starts around 18.00 an hour. The only requirements are you have attention to detail, enjoy writing, be persistent and efficient. Not only will the company supply the equipment you need to perform the job you get to choose what equipment you want to perform your job. Please research the company before applying.


  • Rater
    • Lionbridge is looking for a Rater to evaluate text, webpages, images on the most popular search engines. Your job will be to provide feedback on how search engines can improve and keep what’s working for them. The position is a part-time position that pays 15.00 an hour. This is a great side hustle position that is perfect if you don’t want to take calls, emails, or chats. Fill free to apply for the other position Lionbridge is hiring for.


  • Upcall
  • Upcaller
    • If you need to start work ASAP Upcall is a company you should apply to. The position pays $12.00 an hour. Your job is to make outbound calls and take inbound calls. Your job will be to read a script on every call. You can start work in a couple of days. There is not any requirement to get this job!

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