Virtual Job Tryout Assessment

Virtual Job Tryout Assessment


Did you know that many companies require new job applicants to take a Virtual Job Tryout Assessment? Yes, companies like Amazon, Walmart, and the United States Postal Service make applicants take the Virtual Job Tryout Assessment before an interview. In addition, some companies will have you fill out an application and immediately take the Virtual Job Tryout Assessment. If you do well on the Virtual Job Tryout Assessment, a hiring manager will look at your resume and consider you for an interview. 

What is the Virtual Job Tryout Assessment?

The Virtual Job Tryout Assessment helps the employer determine if you can do the job. Unfortunately, employers are getting hip to the game and realize some applicants know how to fake it until they make it. As a result, some applicants do poorly on the job once hired. 

On the flip side, you may have an applicant with a mediocre resume, no references, and who is very shy when it comes to the interview. However, because this applicant did well on the Virtual Job Tryout Assessment will still be considered for the available position. Ultimately the VJT allows the applicant to try the job out virtually. In addition, the assessment results will enable the employer to see what type of employee you may be.

What Type of questions can I expect from the Virtual Job Tryout Assessment?

Although each assessment will be designed based on the employer’s needs, the format will be the same. The Virtual Job Tryout questions include several subtests to see if the applicant can do the job. However, the length of each question can be longer or shorter depending on the complexity of the position. As I mentioned initially, many companies use the Virtual Job Assessment to hire suitable applicants for the job. So let’s look at a few examples to get an idea of what to expect from the Virtual Job Assessment.

Amazon Virtual Job Tryout

To be clear, the Amazon Assessment will be different depending on the position. But, as you know, Amazon offers many remote jobs as well as jobs for essential workers. This video shows what to expect if you have to take a Virtual Job Tryout assessment. 



Walmart Shaker Assessment

The Shaker Assessment is Walmart’s version of the Virtual Job Tryout Assessment. Before the pandemic, if you ever walked into a Walmart to look for a job, the first thing you would have to do was take the Walmart Shaker Assessment. However, now you can take the Assessment from the comforts of your home. The great majority of Walmart’s positions are for essential workers. The rest of the jobs are remote. Check out the video below to learn more about the Walmart Shaker Assessment. 



USPS Virtual Entry Assessments

The Virtual Entry Assessments is the USPS Version of the Virtual Job Tryout. All you needed for the old postal exam was a score of 70% to pass and be considered for a position. However, now, whoever has the highest score will be considered for a job with the USPS. You will need to score a minimum of 70%; however, the candidates with the highest scores will have more consideration. Check out the video below to learn more about the USPS Virtual Entry Assessments. 



In Conclusion

I hope you learned a bit about the Virtual Job Tryout Assessments. I have to be honest; I only listed a few companies that use the Virtual Job Tryout Assessment because I did not want to overwhelm you! I have written about many other employment assessments because I had personal experience.

Because of the pandemic, many companies had to get creative when choosing applicants that would be a good fit for the job. However, the Virtual Job Tryout Assessment has been such a success that more and more companies have followed suit! So let’s get prepared for the Virtual Job Tryout assessment and give Job Test Prep a try today! 

Virtual Job Tryout Assessment



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