What Is The Hogan Assessment Test

What is the hogan Assessment

What Is The Hogan Assessment Test

Have you ever worked for an employer that stresses they like to promote from within the company? The reason for this is Employers want to know and trust the employees they have in their middle to upper management positions.

Also, it’s harder to train someone for a management position who is not familiar with the company.

However, sometimes it’s hard to fill a management position from within the company because their existing employees are simply happy in their current working environment.

Therefore, if you are an external candidate for a management position, you will most likely be given the Hogan Assessment Test. So here is what you need to know about the Hogan Assessment test. 

So what is the Hogan Assessment Test?

According to Hogan Assessment about page, the test was invented in 1987 by Dr. Joyce and Robert Hogan. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 inspired Dr. Joyce and Robert Hogan to create a personality and leadership assessment test with no bias. 

The Hogan Assessment Test is an actual personality test given by employers primarily for management positions to see if you are a good fit for the position and company culture. 

What does the Hogan Assessment include?

There are four versions of the Hogan Assessment Test. However, the Hogan Personality Inventory Test and Hogan Development Survey Test are the most popular. The Hogan Personality Inventory Test is also known as the HPI. The Hogan Personality Inventory test includes 220 questions, and you have 30-40 minutes to complete.

The Hogan Development Survey is also known as the HDS. The Hogan Development Survey Test has 170 questions, and you have 15-20 minutes to complete.

What is the difference between the HPI and HDS Assessment?

The Hogan Personality Inventory test assesses your personality on a good day at work. Employers use the HPI assessment to determine how well you will work with others. The HPI will also show if you are a leader or a follower.

 In contrast, Employers use the Hogan Development Survey to measure how you deal with stress. The HDS will show how you deal with people and issues during a crisis at work. 

How can I pass the Hogan Assessment Test?

The first thing to keep in mind is there are no right or wrong answers to this test. The test is purely to see if your personality will be suitable for the job and culture.

The key is to remember that your answers should be more leadership-driven if you take the HPI assessment for a management position. If you are taking the HDS, your answers should convey that you can handle a crisis calmly.

During the test, the questions are re-worded to see if your lying or telling the truth. The employer wants to know if you are just telling them what they want to hear to get the job. Therefore, being prepared for the Hogan Assessment Test is very important. 

In Conclusion

I took this test once in my previous employment history for a middle management position. I did great on the first interview and needed to pass the Hogan Assessment Test to get the second interview. I failed the test because I was not familiar with this type of personality test. I stayed neutral on most of my answers to the multiple-choice questions. 

After all, I was scared to answer the questions truthfully because I wanted the job. I had never taken a test where there are no right or wrong answers. I wish I had known then there is a way to practice for the Hogan Assessment test in advance. 

Furthermore, If you are looking for a management position, you will likely be given this pre-employment test. Make sure you get prepared with Job Test Prep Today!What is the Hogan Assessment test


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