Wonderlic Pre Employment Test


Wonderlic Pre Employment Test

Wonderlic Pre Employment Test

If you are in the job market right now and you are looking for work most likely you will be given a pre-employment test if the employer is interested in you. Now let me warn you there are many different types of pre-employment tests to choose from depending on the position and company in which you are applying.  

I discovered there are some companies that are interested in knowing how fast do you think on your feet. They also want to know if you are a great problem solver. In other words, the potential employer is giving you the pre-employment test to assess your intelligence. If assessing your intelligence is part of the hiring process most likely you will be given the Wonderlic Pre-Employment test. 

What is the Wonderlic Pre Employment Test

According to Wikipedia the Wonderlic Pre-employment test is a cognitive and problem-solving test. The Wonderlic Pre-Employment test was invented in 1936. There are two versions of the test.

The first version is the longer version which includes 50 questions that you must try to answer in 12 minutes. The second version includes 30 questions and you only have 8 minutes to answer. The key to passing the Wonderlic test is to answer as many questions as you can accurately. 

What does the Wonderlic test include?


The Wonderlic Pre-Employment Test Includes four categories. The categories are Math, Verbal Skills, Logical Reasoning, and General Knowledge & Quick Recognition. The questions are usually multiple-choice. However, unlike most pre-employment tests, the category will not be given separately. 

The categories are actually mix up. So your first question may be math-related but then your second question may be to test your Logical Reasoning. In other words, each category will not be separated by section as normal each category and question will be at random. 

How can I pass the Wonderlic Pre-Employment Test?

As I mentioned earlier the Wonderlic Pre-Employment test consists of 50 questions to answer in 12 minutes and 30 questions to answer in 8 minutes. The first version is the longer test and the second version is the shorter test. Remember the key to passing both versions is how many questions can you answer accurately before the time is up. 

I would suggest taking a free online practice test to see if you do well. If you don’t do well then you can study at your local library or online. If studying online is more convenient for you there is an online Assessment Provider that I strongly recommend called Job Test Prep. In fact, Job Test Prep offers a free Wonderlic Practice test you can take as well as other Wonderlic course training materials if you need them. 

In Conclusion

I hope you learned a little bit more about the Wonderlic Pre-Employment Test. I personally have taken the Wonderlic Pre-employment test at various times in my career. Sometimes I passed the test and got the job and sometimes I failed and had to continue to look for work. 

Back in 2018, I was laid off after being employed for four years with the same employer. I hadn’t taken a pre-employment test in a while. I came across an online assessment provider called Job Test Prep. I not only was able to brush up on my testing skill but I was able to get a job that I desperately needed very quickly. So If you are serious about passing your next pre-employment test I suggest you check out Job Test Prep today!

Wonderlic Pre-Employment Test




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2 Responses

  1. Ann says:

    Thank you for answering several of my questions concerning the Wonderlic Pre-Employment Test. I will do as you have advised. Sometimes I tend to be slow, focusing on answering fewer questions but being sure they are all correctly answered. For this test I will have to change my strategy, thought. Thank you!

    • Moody says:

      Hi Ann,

      Thank you so much for commenting on my post. The Wonderlic Pre-Employment test is widely used, and I have taken it a few times. Sometimes I passed, and sometimes I didn’t. I agree with you you have to change your strategy. But, most importantly, try not to second guess yourself. 

      When it’s all said and done, practice makes perfect. So I was grateful to come across some test preparation services that helped me ace the exam. 

      Please feel free to revisit my blog and sign up for our Moody Work newsletter for new content that may be helpful to you or someone you know!

      Take Care Now



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