Work From Home Opportunities for Sept 2019

Work From home, Opportunities, Sept 2019

  • Customer Success Specialist 
    • Tiller is a startup company that is looking to hire a Customer Success Specialist to help their customers enter their financial data into Microsoft Excel or google sheets. Since Tiller software helps automate the process for there customers by automatically extracting there financial data from the financial statements and inputting that data automatically in to excel or google sheets your job will be to troubleshoot issues with the customers personal and small business finances. The position starts at 15.00 an hour during training and $17.00-$20.00 an hour to start after you complete training. You must be available for a 4-hour shift before 3 pm PST. This will be a full-time or part-time position. You must have a linked in profile as well when applying. Tiller is accepting Applications through 9/7. You can work from anywhere in the US.
  • Call Center Associate
    • CCRA is looking for a Call Center Associate with 2-3 years of corporate travel experience. You can work and train anywhere in the US. Your job will be to help their corporate travelers with getting their reservation for air travel, car rental, hotel stay etc, You must have a flexible schedule. The pay starts about $22.00 an hour.
  • Broad Path
  • Quality Analyst-Call Center
    • Broad Path health care solutions are looking to hire a Call Quality Specialist to evaluate recorded calls from its call center employees. You will also be responsible for delivering coaching to agents who need it in conjunction with there supervisor. The pay for this position was not listed. However, this is a work from home position. You must have a minimum of 1-year experience as a call center Quality Analyst with previous experience working from home.
  • Customer Success Specialist (Remote)
    • is looking to hire a remote customer specialist. The company helps business mainly online target existing customers with a precise offer that would appeal to that customer to upsell profit production. This is a full-time call center position with full benefits. The starting pay was not offered but you can either have a minimum of 1-year professional experience or be entry-level. This is a start-up business. If you have previous sales experience this is a plus. All this employer ask is that you be a great problem solver with a hunger to learn.

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